My first leopard.

My first leopard.

Aktualisiert am 16. August 2015 um 01:47

After 4 years of looking and searching we finally saw our first leopard in the South Luangwa National Park after a rough night game drive with heavy wind and rain.

The leopard was hunting a reedbuck standing close by. The guides kept switching the lights of as to not disturb mother nature’s way. It was pitch black dark amd suddenly a terrifying loud graul and horrible screams. Lights on… but the two opponents were still staring each other done. Eventually, we did disturb mother nature’s way. But something did die that night.


  1. Cool, zusammen mit der Google-Karte im Satellit-Modus sehr atmosphärisch. Aber, warum plötzlich in englischer Sprache…??

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